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The Friends of Denton Station was founded in 2010 with the overall aim of campaigning for and supporting the reinstatement of a frequent passenger service through Denton into Manchester Victoria, maintaining and improving the platforms and to encourage its use by as many different people as possible.

To date the group has gained many hundreds of members, thousands of signatures petitioning for a new service and secured tens of thousands of pounds in station improvements.

Denton Station has become famous for its least frequent train service in the UK- the ‘ghost train’– in one direction, once per week only! We want to change this.

See other pages of this site for more about the Friends of Denton Stationthe committeethe Station, our latest newsphotos and how to become a member and sign our petition.

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Denton Station partner with Denton Community College!

Since the renovation of the Station in the summer of this year, we have been able to drum-up local awareness that this is a space to be enjoyed by the whole community.

As part of this process we recently ran a poster competition with the Year 7 of Denton Community College. Their brief was to design a poster which advertise the location of Denton Station or how it could be used by the community.

There were some outstanding entries and lots of hard work and effort went into producing these. Last week, one first prize, two second prizes and two third prizes were awarded by our Chairman and Councillor Brenda Warrington at the School.

This competition got the students really thinking about their local area and the Station, broadening awareness in a fun way that links into the curriculum. We look forward to continuing our work with Denton Community College and opening up the Station to different groups of the community.

Thanks got to the Manchester Airport Trust and the continued support of our members for allowing us to make Denton a better place to live.

If your school or organisation is interested in working with us please contact us!

Denton Community College Poster- Denton Station Poster Competition 2015

Denton Community College Poster- Denton Station Poster Competition 2015 (winners with Alan Jones, right and Brenda Warrington, left centre)


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