About Us

Alan on Station

Alan Jones (Chairmain)- We will not give up on Denton Station (Credit: Steve Allen MEN)

Friends of Denton Station was an inspiration of mine, Alan Jones, (Chairman) after I had been a member of the Friends of Reddish South Station for eighteen months. When I first joined the Reddish South group they asked me if I was going to start a group for Denton. At the time I wasn’t interested until certain circumstances changed my mind. After this I was persuaded to try and start a group for Denton Station. I put a petition in my local Post Office and got five pages of signatures. Then, I wrote to the Tameside Advertiser to see if I could get a reaction from the people of Denton- I got many replies! Next it was Denton councillors Brenda Warrington, Dawson Lane and Mike Smith who all gave their full support as did MP Andrew Gwynne.

A goods train carrying lead destined for Oldham Battery Company parallel to Lancashire Felt Works adjoining Denton Goods Yard.

The group had its inaugural meeting on the  eleventh of August 2010 to which thirty four people attended and signed on as members. Since then, we have had many more meetings, we are members of ACoRP, we are recognised by Northern Rail and are members of a new organisation called South East Community Rail Partnership.

Our success to date

In just the past four years we have made huge progress on raising awareness of the Station and improving its appearance. Some highlights include:

  • In 2011 and 2012 we lobbied Network Rail and were successful in persuading them to completely resurface the station and repair the platform at a cost of many tens of thousands of pounds;
  • Being awarded a grant from the Manchester Airport Trust to install and construct flower beds on the Station;
  • Raising many hundreds of pounds through awareness campaigns
  • Building a new fence at the top of the station and installing a professionally commissioned Denton Station heritage railway sign.
  • In June 2015 we were awarded a grant from the Manchester Airport Community Trust to complete renovations at the far end of the Station by installing a large new flower bed.

We are continuing to make improvements to Denton Station with new planters, signs and awareness campaigns. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer!

Station entrance from Manchester Rd. (left) and view of platform prior to renovation in 2012 (right)

1950s trip out from Denton Station – annual workers outing of J Moores & Sons, hat manufacturers in Denton  (looking back along the platform to where the stairs are today).