What are the aims of Friends of Denton Station?

  • To promote the development of Denton Station and assist with developing its sister Station, Reddish South
  • To promote and support the use of the Station by a broad variety of groups and individuals.
  • To represent the interests of its members and other users of the Station in relations with other statutory and voluntary bodies.

Political activities

  • Lobbying the local councillors, MPs, Northern Rail and Network Rail and funding bodies on issues connected to the Station, such as funding, signing, maintenance and promotion.
  • Promoting the Station to potential users such as schools to learn about alternative forms of transport to the car and Denton’s railway heritage
  • Publicising the Station and activities taking place in connection with it, via the local press and radio.
  • Organising promotional events such as holding our stall in supermarkets.

Maintaining the Station

  • Cleaning and tidying the Station ensuring the tarmac is free from stones and litter
  • Planting – we are committed to making the Station are more pleasant place to be for the community by introducing plants
  • Improving the fabric of the Station by repairing and improving the fencing,  constructing planters and introducing heritage signage.
Organised day out on the train in partnership with local Denton primary school

Organised day out on the train in partnership with local Denton primary school

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