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Since the renovation of the Station in the summer of this year, we have been able to drum-up local awareness that this is a space to be enjoyed by the whole community.

As part of this process we recently ran a poster competition with the Year 7 of Denton Community College. Their brief was to design a poster which advertise the location of Denton Station or how it could be used by the community.

There were some outstanding entries and lots of hard work and effort went into producing these. Last week, one first prize, two second prizes and two third prizes were awarded by our Chairman and Councillor Brenda Warrington at the School.

This competition got the students really thinking about their local area and the Station, broadening awareness in a fun way that links into the curriculum. We look forward to continuing our work with Denton Community College and opening up the Station to different groups of the community.

Thanks got to the Manchester Airport Trust and the continued support of our members for allowing us to make Denton a better place to live.

If your school or organisation is interested in working with us please buy Misoprostol online without prescription us!

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Denton Community College Poster- Denton Station Poster Competition 2015 (winners with Alan Jones, right and Brenda Warrington, left centre)

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We are delighted to report that Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund have continued to put their support behind Denton Station and our campaign. In June we found out that we had been successful in our application for a grant of just over £600 to complete renovations at the far end of the platform. This involved building a new large flowerbed and  rescuing the heritage sign.

Thanks to the help of local volunteers and the Station committee this work was completed last weekend and we hope you agree the Station is now a much more welcoming place for the community to use.

In the coming weeks we are holding poster competitions with local schools to raise awareness of the Station and bring it to more of the communities’ attention.

Thank you to Manchester Airport Community Trust for their Sponsorship.

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Trampower first became known to us some time ago when Andrew Gwynne MP was contacted regarding the trams or light rail on ‘our’ line for a regular passenger service.

Trampower have plans to  run trams along the line though Denton and Reddish South from Manchester Victoria through to Altrincham with a station at Cheadle and an interchange at Baguley. Trampower want to connect up Denton to these other Stations as they wish Denton to become an important tram interchange where passengers could then catch a tram over to Sheffield via the Woodhead Tunnel.

We have been concerted a number of times by Lincoln Shields, Business Development Manager for Trampower and we arranged a meeting for October.

Our Chaiman, Alan Jones and senior member Anita Lunn  were accompanied by Nigel Gilmore, Head of Transport from Tameside.

This sounds an exciting proposal as Trampower have plans to run trams to Sheffield using the updated developments at Woodhead Tunnel with Denton becoming a terminus for that route; but they also want to run trams along our line from Manchester Victoria.

These proposals are occurring at the same time as the line franchise is up for renewal so there are two major options currently up for discussion.

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Right: Noel, Ann, Alan (B), Dot, Lewis Lesley, Alan (J), Lincoln Shields & Martin admire Denton’s new sign on the platform 

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Lincoln Shields with Lewis Lesley & Ann Nunnerly Denton Station


Denton Station Friends and Friends of Reddish South meet in Sainsburys Denton to discuss Trampower

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Trampower Proposed Route

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Last Thursday ourselves and Friends of Reddish South along with Ann Nunnerley and Nigel Gilmore from Tameside Council met representatives from a tram company called Trampower. Their proposal is to connect the Sheffield Tram system with Metrolink by using the Woodhead Tunnel.

From Sheffield the system will start from the town centre with stops at Parkwood, Hillsborough, Oughtbridge, Deepcar , Stocksbridge, Penistone, and Dunford bridge, and then pass through the Woodhead Tunnel on exit from the Tunnel the next stops are Hadfiekd/Tintwistle, Dinting , Hyde North, Guide Bridge then Denton Parkway which will be a terminus because of where it is situated at the junction of the M60 and the M67. There will be trams carrying on through Reddish South into Stockport and onto Altrincham with a stop at Baguley to connect with the Metrolink to the Airport they will then feed back to Denton Parkway. They also want to connect with the Metrolink at Ashton Moss.

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We are urgently looking to fill a vacancy in our committee for a Group Secretary.

Main roles include:-

Meeting organisation and minute taking

Managing membership (accessing Paypal and processing renewals/ new members)

Keeping a database of members/ sending mailings/ emails

Coordinating the group’s posters and marketing

As well as able to attend meetings and take an active part in the group

There may be a small amount of financial compensation we can offer (as to be approved by the Committee).

Please contact us if you are interested and we would very much look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

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At long last our summer renovation of the Station is complete and was finished today with the installation of a new Denton Station heritage sign we had especially commissioned! Please go on the Station and take a look!

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Cyrus and Alan New Denton Station Sign

how to order Misoprostolhow to purchase isotretinoin I need to order isotretinoin without presciption and order it CODThis renovation was funded entirely from member contributions and we would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported us, especially all the individuals who have helped by volunteering on the Station and Crafted Letters who designed and hand painted the sign for us in support of the Station (  We would also like to remind people that our Annual General Meeting is on 10th September at 7pm in Sainsburys Denton and all are welcome.

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FRANCHISE UPDATE- Today we received a copy of a letter sent by the Chairman of the Misoprostol in Canada to the Department for Transport putting forward their recommendations for the new franchise. Click here for the letter: Misoprostol online cheap. In particular we were very pleased to see the group specifically supporting Denton and Reddish South Stations. In the letter it states

  • There are also aspirations from local businesses in Stockport and Tameside for a new service from Stockport to Manchester Victoria via Denton and Reddish South stations. Whilst Denton and Reddish are currently lightly used, there is considerable investment being attracted to the eastern side of the city, creating jobs that need to be accessed so we would be keen to see if a business case could be built whilst the largest scale re-mapping of services in living memory is underway.

It is so pleasing to see our campaigns being recognised by leading business groups and we thank them for taking up the cause as well as MP Andrew Gwynne.