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The raffle which at the time of writing seems to be a succsess but because our member school St Marys Primary has just had their summer fair and has had two of their own raffles on the go they have not sold any friends tickets so the committee have extended our raffle to the end of this month and the draw will take place the first week in August Alan Jones Chairman

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On Saterday waaaas  in Sainsburys foyer to tell the population of Denton about our group it was a fantastic sucsess we had 387 signatures on our petition we signed up 54 new members and took £257 WELL DONE EVERYBODY WHO WAS THERE Alan

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On the 28th June the Vice Chairman and myself attended a meeting of the above group among other items discussed was the reintroduction of passenger train services thro Denton and our sister station Reddish South from Stockport to Victoria and the group would back our campaign whole heartedly. I have also applied for £200 of funding from the group Alan Jones Chairman

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Western Champion preserved diesel hydraulic at Denton Station April 2010