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All aboard 16th December the CHRISTMAS FOLK TRAIN to Stalybridge be on the station by 9 20am the train leaves Denton at approx 9 31am i have been informed we have a trio playing this time then its all in the buffet at Stalybridge for breakfast dont miss it

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buy Misoprostol online with no prescriptionThe campaign for reintroduction of passenger traffic through Denton Station moved on somewhat with the announcment from Compass Railtours that next year there is the possibilty of maybe three of their trains picking up at Denton. They have on their list of passengers people who live in Hyde and the surrounding areas and it would be easier and cheaper for these people to travel to Denton by taxi or public transport rather than Stockport. Obviously people with disabilities would still have to board at Stockport as the facilities at Denton are very BASIC and the station is in need of refurbishment this may push Network Rail to bring forward the work that needs doing to our Station. Many thanks Compass Tours

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Cyrus and Ben Bradshaw MP

On Wednesday 9th November, I attended a reception in the Palace of Westminster for the re-launch of the concept of Community Rail to new and existing Members of Parliament.

The event was an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of our campaign for Denton Station. It was well attended by leaders in the transport industry; these included rail experts, representatives from Northern Rail as well as members of government and opposition. In addition, it was useful to hear from other groups from around the country who are also lobbying for better train services.

Friends of Denton Station have been invited by the Project Manager of Northern Rail, Eddie Fisher, to an excursion to Blackpool to look at station improvements completed by community groups there. In addition, the Minister of State for Transport Theresa Villiers and others are now fully aware of our campaign.

The afternoon was a huge success for our group and I hope we can benefit from the connections made for many years to come.


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The Christmas folk train this year takes place on Friday 16th December. The train departs from Denton Station at 9:31am. If you would like to join us, please be on Denton Station by 9:20am. The train travels between Denton and Stalybridge, after which the folk players continue in the Stalybridge Buffet Bar- we hope you can take the train and join us for breakfast there. canadian pharmacy no prescription Misoprostol

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On 20th November i attended a seminar at Manchester Town Hall organised by Network Rail to promote the Ordsall Chord which eventually will connect Piccadilly and Victoria included in this package are two new platforms at Piccadilly 15 and 16 and two new bays at Victoria then there is also the Northern Hub which Network Rail are predicting will provide possibly 700 more trains and faster and more frequent services. On arriving at the town hall i met Noel Henry from Reddish South and after discussions with the Network Rail rep we pointed out that the line from Stockport through Reddish and Denton was not included. Kim the secretary from Reddish South contacted our MP Andrew Gwynne and he has taken up the fight to include our line onto the map

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Today the Mural at Reddish South Station was unvieled by Andrew Gwynne MP. The theme of the mural is Second Chances and was produced through the contribution of young offenders. The imagery and text used attempts to demonstrate in a simple, clear way that when we are given a second chance we can change, try harder, do better, and learn from our mistakes.

Further more the mural attemps to convey to the viewer the overall positive impact that an individual can make to their community as a whole when given a second chance.

David Clements Artist

Very well done to Kim the Secratery Dot the Treasurer the committee and members