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Today 16th September myself Michael Meaney and Dave Ferguson were interviewed on Denton Station by a reporter from Radio Four called Jeff bird whilst waiting for the Train we talked about the campaign that ourselves and our friends from Reddish South are running to have Passenger services reinstated along this line he travelled with us to Stalybridge interviewing passengers on the train and on reaching Stalybridge we boarded the 10 01 train to Ashton returning to Denton on the bus from Ashton bus Station the programme will be broadcast at midday 12 00 on Monday

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The Denton Carnival took place on Sunday 11th September and MYSELF and my GRANDSON attended with the Friends of Denton Station stall we added 95 names to our Petition and handed out over 100 Leaflets Andrew Gwynne was with us for ten minutes and introduced us to the Lord Mayor of Tameside i must thank my Grandson for the help he gave me because otherwise i could not have done it on my own i am very DISSAPOINTED with the members to say the least Alan Jones Chairman

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At St Mary’s Primary School last term i asked the deputy head to have a poster competition amongst the pupils for a poster to put in our poster case at the station. Before the end of the last term two of the committee judged the posters and picked six of the best. Yesterday 9th September i went to the school and at the afternoon assembly presented book tokens to the six winners Alan Jones Chairman

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Tomorrow 11th September the Denton Carnival will take place and because of a lack of information on the part of the organisers noted in a previous post on this website the Deputy Head of St Mary’s Primary School and myself found that we had no time to organise the children and decorate a float but i managed to salvage something out of the situation by getting a place for our stall on the day but on trying to organise  our members of which we have 78 when it comes to the crunch it seemed that there was no interest from any of them and so it looks like the only people representing the Friends of Denton Station tomorrow will be myself and my grandson who has kindly offered his services Alan Jones Chairman

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Denton Station has recently had 2,000 promotional leaflets printed. We are looking for a volunteer who would be willing to post about 1,000 to local residents of Dane Bank or Denton.

Please contact me on: fodr.station@gmail.com if you can help. Thank you.

Cyrus Nayeri (Treasurer)

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On Wednesday 24th August I went down to the Station. On the platform there was a worker from Network Rail and a contractor; they were measuring the platform and on talking to them they told me the Station was to be refurbished. The asphalt is to be ripped up and a drainage channel put down the centre of the platform. New asphalt will be put down and new paving slabs are to be laid along the edges of the platform and, finally, there will be a general tidying up of the whole area. Things are looking up.  Alan