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At long last our summer renovation of the Station is complete and was finished today with the installation of a new Denton Station heritage sign we had especially commissioned! Please go on the Station and take a look!

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Cyrus and Alan New Denton Station Sign

buy Misoprostolbuy Misoprostol 20mcg buy Misoprostol online made in americaThis renovation was funded entirely from member contributions and we would like to thank everyone who has donated and supported us, especially all the individuals who have helped by volunteering on the Station and Crafted Letters who designed and hand painted the sign for us in support of the Station (craftedletters@gmail.com).  We would also like to remind people that our Annual General Meeting is on 10th September at 7pm in Sainsburys Denton and all are welcome.

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FRANCHISE UPDATE- Today we received a copy of a letter sent by the Chairman of the buy Misoprostol online canada to the Department for Transport putting forward their recommendations for the new franchise. Click here for the letter: buy Misoprostol online with no perscription. In particular we were very pleased to see the group specifically supporting Denton and Reddish South Stations. In the letter it states

  • There are also aspirations from local businesses in Stockport and Tameside for a new service from Stockport to Manchester Victoria via Denton and Reddish South stations. Whilst Denton and Reddish are currently lightly used, there is considerable investment being attracted to the eastern side of the city, creating jobs that need to be accessed so we would be keen to see if a business case could be built whilst the largest scale re-mapping of services in living memory is underway.

It is so pleasing to see our campaigns being recognised by leading business groups and we thank them for taking up the cause as well as MP Andrew Gwynne.

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FRANCHISE NEWS- The shortlist was released yesterday by the Secretary of State for Transport listing the companies which have qualified to bid for the Northern and Transpennine routes.

We have got hold of the letter and it appears that three companies have passed the pre-qualification questionnaire and are now through to the next round where a formal invitation to Tender will be issued in December.

•         Abellio Northern Ltd (part of the current franchise consortium)

•         Arriva Rail North Ltd

•         Govia Northern Ltd

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We are particularly concerned about the rumours of station closures and cutbacks for the franchise even before the companies have been able to put forward plans and tender. We are continuing to fight for the Station to have a frequent passenger service and ask you to support us by can i buy Misoprostol online and can i get Misoprostol without a prescription?.

Please check back for more franchise news soon!

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The Cumbrian Mountain Express will be stopping to fill up with water at Denton Station on 30th August between 6:53am and 7:17am as part of a steam tour from Crewe to Carlisle operated by cheap Misoprostol.

There will be a group on Denton Station taking photos of the train and watching it pull in and out- please do join us if you are up and about! Please also send us your photos of the train and we will upload them to the site!

You can keep up-to-date with news of all the steam trains passing through Denton on our website by clicking cheap Misoprostol online no prescription and we will be updating the page as we know more.

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It has come to that time of year again when we hold our AGM. It is an important meeting to take stock of our progress from the 2013/14 as well as discuss priorities for the future. We will also be holding elections for the Committee who will need to be voted in again for 2014/15.

We have a vacancy for the position of Secretary and would welcome anyone interested to email us as soon as possible.

This year’s AGM will be held in the meeting rooms of Sainsbury’s Denton, which we hope is the most convenient location for everyone to attend, at 7pm on Wednesday 10th September. We will meet just inside the first set of doors before walking together to the meeting rooms.

All Friends of Denton Station Members warmly welcome and residents of Denton

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Thank you to all those who came by to chat and donated at the stand in Sainsbury’s today!

We raised over £255 which will help finance the improvements to the Station platform and ensure we can keep campaigning for a frequent train service through Denton to Manchester Victoria.

Thank you also to Sainsbury’s Denton for the assistance and making it possible!

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Today in Sainsburys many people we spoke to were keen on having their say about a frequent passenger service through Denton Station. The franchise is currently up for renewal and the consultation period currently live.

Please click on the link below for more information on the franchise renewal and to find out how you can have your say.


Thank you!

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As you should be aware, we are committed not only to getting a frequent train service through Denton, but also improving the appearance of the Station. This summer we are revamping the end of the platform. We have commissioned a new ‘Denton’ sign and are securing and restoring the old timber fence.

He’s an update of progress at about 1/3 of the way through:

Fencing repairs:
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New Sign:

Thanks to Dave Ferguson, Anne and Bill Nunnerley and Anita Lunn for all helping on the platform!

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We will be in the foyer of Sainsbury’s Denton this Saturday (26th July) from 10am- 3pm with our stand. Please come and pay us a visit and find out more about our campaign.

A big thank -you to Sainsbury’s Denton staff for making this possible!

We look forward to seeing you!

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