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buy online Misoprostol 20 mcgbuy MisoprostolOnbuy Misoprostol 20mcg Friday 18th 35 children and 4 teachers travelled to Stalybridge on the Denton Flyer they were all dressed in fifties style and what a turnout it was they did the school proud on the train we had the folkgroup that normally play on the folk train and they entertained on the journey to Stalybridge and a good time was had by all the only fly in the ointment was the fact that no press turned up even though they were notyfied and myself being in demand could not take many Photosbuy Misoprostol online made in americabuy Misoprostol online uk

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At the committee meeting Thursday 3rd May a date was set to commence the flower beds on the platform at Denton Station Saturday 2/6/2012 shortly before that i will be asking for Volunteers we need your help in between this date we have the trip on May 18th of the children from St Mary’s primary on our once a week train and the Meeting on 24th May at the Victoria Park Community Centre at 7 00pm

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On Friday May 18th sixty children from our member school St Mary’s Primary Denton are taking a trip on our once a week train in support of our campaign for the reinstatment of passenger train services along this line the trip is also linked to the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations they will all be dressed in Fifties style and will be singing songs and we hope to have a folk group with us

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Good news Tina from the Manchester Airport Trust Fund phoned last night to inform me that our application for funding for the flower beds on the station platform had been approved. Many thanks to MANCHESTER AIRPORT for their generosity and the personal way that they informed  me about our success now we can start planning

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Brilliant turn out this morning at Denton 54 people turned out for the first Compass Rail Tour to Cardiff

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On the 18th of May sixty children from St Mary’s are taking a trip on our once a week train to Stalybridge they will be dressed in fifties style and i am hoping to engage the services of the resident group that plays on our folk train.The school has been in talks with the producer of Granada News and hopefully they will be in attendance to report the occasion the local press will also be there as will our local MP Andrew Gwynne