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Two signs have been erected by the council giving directions to the station one near to Sainsbury’s and one at the entrance to the station

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Met Andrew Bennet and two other council members in Sainsbury’s  car park on Thursday 9th Feb with a view of gaining access to the old disussed platform at the station with me were Michael Meaney and Dave Ferguson who is fast becoming a regular member of our group when we have meetings with officials. It could not be decided who had erected the fencing barring our way whether it was Network Rail or the Highways Agency and we left it in the hands of Andrew Bennet to find out. One thing out of our meeting was that the council had had signs made to direct people to where our Station is situated and these were waiting to be erected in their appropriate positions

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Andy Brennan from the council contacted me to arrange a meeting in Sainsbury’s car park near to all the containers. I attended the Denton and Audenshaw District Assembly at Hulme Road Community Centre and requested through them if the Council could give the Friends of Denton Station access to the old disused platform from Sainsbury’car park and via the old tunnel so we can clear it plant flowers put up nesting boxes and in general brighten it up. I visited the site myself this weekend and was disgusted at the sight that met my eyes you could not see the steps leading down to the fencing for the rubbish that was deposited there it was absolutely disgraceful 

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The refurbishment of the Station by Network Rail is well on the way and soon it will be our turn but we cannot do what we want to do without help. We want to build flower beds out of railway sleepers these will have to be transported down to the platform from the Station entrance as well as other material such as soil and timber so i am asking for volunteers in the near future to help with this project as a group we can brighten up the Station and give it a better outlook Thank You alan Jones Chairman  canada Misoprostol

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On 12th of this month myself Michael Meaney nd Dave Ferguson will be meeting Nigel Gilmore at Tameside Council Offices to discuss tfgm Strategy on the Manchester Hub regarding the local railway systems i will be reporting back on all the Facebook sites and this one Alan Jones Chairman

Went to the meeting was not impressed but hopefully we may achieve better things in the future

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On Monday 12th December work starts on Denton Station and will continue for seven weeks the risers underneath the edges of platforms will be rebuilt and new flags for the platform edges to make a more smoother line and new asphalt layed down also included in the work is the old platform this is going to be rebuilt. After being informed of the news i attended the District Assemblyon Thursday 8th and asked if the group could have to the old platform via Sainsbury’s car park to clean it up and received a very favourable reply Alan