The Station

Why Denton Station Needs a Better Service- NOW!

 Current route:

Northern Rail Network via Denton

Northern Rail Network- Stockport to Stalybridge via Denton and Guide Bridge

The graphic above of the rail network shows the current route of the limited service passing through Denton (white and purple line).  The service begins at Stalybridge, passes through Guide Bridge, Denton and Reddish South before terminating at Stockport. Since summer 2018 there the train returns to Stalybridge via the same route. The timetable can be found here.

Reopening the Denton line to a frequent passenger service would be of huge benefit to Denton town centre with businesses and shoppers able to quickly and cheaply travel into Manchester. We propose a service be reintroduced from Stockport into Manchester Victoria or to divert a service bound for Manchester Piccadilly to travel via Denton into Manchester Victoria e.g. the Chester train.

The diversion/ new route from Stockport would run via:

Heaton Norris Junction–>Reddish South (stop)–> Denton (stop)–> Denton Junction–> Ashton Moss Junction North –> Manchester Victoria (stop)

The route map, below, shows the proposed route (highlighted in yellow). Currently the short Denton Junction line is only open for freight trains, but we are hoping to change this to route through to Victoria.

Route of new line from Stockport, through Denton into Victoria

Route of new line from Stockport, through Denton into Victoria (Key: orange line indicates current freight only line, blue line is secondary rail)

A ‘Parliamentary Service’ or ‘Ghost Train’ is the name for the current passenger train which runs through the Station. Whist the ‘Ghost Train’ is novel, we believe the line  through Denton and Reddish South would be far better served by a credible, frequent passenger service.

Why start a service through Denton Station?

1. Faster, cheaper transport into Manchester city centre for people of Denton versus taking the bus 2. Economic benefits for Denton town centre shops and business 3. Environmental benefits through reducing car pollution and congestion, especially around Hyde Rd./ Manchester Rd. at peak times 4. Denton missed out completely on transport investment in the Manchester tram extensions 5. Help restore pride in Denton 6. Petition with over 3000 names calling for a service and strong support from local businesses, councillors and MP Andrew Gwynne

More information

Download comprehensive review of the benefits of opening the line 

Plan of Denton Station Platform

Department for Transport- Franchise Documents

Friends of Reddish South Station

3 thoughts on “The Station

  1. Your map does not show the actual route of the proposed new service to Manchester, ie Stockport , Reddish S., Denton , Denton Junction, Ashton Moss North Junction, Miles Platting, Manchester Victoria. Can’t it be shown on the map to make your aims clearer?
    A few years ago, there was a temporary service on this route, the timing was about 22mins Stockport to Victoria, with no intermediate stops, so a stopping train ( Reddish South/Denton) might achieve inside 30 mins for the journey.

    • Thanks for your comment, Robert! It’s a great idea- the page has now been updated with a detailed map of the proposed route the service will take from Stockport through Denton into Victoria.

  2. Good luck with getting a more frequent service! If you do then one of Englands strangest rail services will have gone! To your west you have another weird one Chester to runcorn direct summer only.sadly I have never been up either of these two lines both require early starts.

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