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We are pleased to be in the final planning stage of a new Denton Station sign. The sign will be in the old British Rail style with burgundy and cream colours and will be assembled at the far end of the Station. We now have all quotes for the project and will be financing it out of membership fees. Therefore, we would particularly like to thank those members who have renewed already, especially those opting for the new £10 lifetime membership option.

Please contact us if you are able to volunteer your help in July on the Station for putting up the sign.

Style of new sign which will read ‘Denton’

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Some members of the Friends of Denton railway Station Committee

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As the summer approaches we thought this would be a good opportunity to take stock and let you know our exciting plans for the Station.

Further Station Refurbishment 

Following the successful persuading of Network Rail to completely resurface the Station platform and the installation of our thriving flowerbeds in the past few years, we are planning a third round of improvements! These are designed to get more people knowing about Denton Station. We have designed and planned for a new Denton Station sign to be installed at the far end of the platform in the traditional British Railways style with sign-written letters and authentic colours. We are also planning new flowerbeds for the far end of the platform to celebrate the life of Dorothy Melia, a member of FODS whom recently passed away


We will once again be holding a foyer event in Sainsbury’s Denton in the next few months. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the Station, our work, how you can volunteer and help out, become a member and win prizes. We have arranged similar events in Sainsbury’s over the last three years and at each you remind us how much a frequent commuter service passing through Denton into Manchester would benefit you. Please keep an eye on the website for the date.

Online Membership 

We operate using the kind donations provided by the individuals and families who want Denton Station restored to its former self. Membership of the group is currently £2.50/ yr and you will receive a unique membership card and newsletters. Most members sign-up when we hold our stand in Sainsbury’s and at other events, but we understand it can be time-consuming to renew membership by post. Therefore, we are currently working on a Paypal system integrated within the website to make things easier. This should go live in the next month and your comments will be gratefully received.

As always, please get in touch with comments, we are grateful for any donations or membership requests and offers of volunteer help. Please also visit Friends of Reddish South Station (buy real Misoprostol), our sister group, and support their work. 

Thank you 

Cyrus Nayeri (Treasurer)


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Hi Everybody- we received a letter from Forever Manchester  informing us that we have been refused the funding we applied for to create new flower beds at the end of the Station (opposite the stairs). We will now be looking elsewhere for funding to start the project this Summer. We will not be giving up! Alan Jones

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The application for a grant from Forever Manchester has at last been finalised and posted of it’s just a matter now of waiting but at least we can go ahead with renewing the safety fence as we are paying for that ourselves.

The Posters for the Table top sale at the Victoria Park Community Centre have been printed and we will shortly be putting them around Denton

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Hi everybody the next project which hopefully will start in the coming months is to build two flower beds across the platform this time in front of the safety fence at the end of the platform we also want to renovate the fence its self when also we are hoping to have a sign six foot by two foot mounted on the flower beds with Denton Station painted on it we have applied for a grant from Forever Manchester so keep your fingers crossed.    I am also going to contact Theo the station Manager and ask him if he can supply us with a tin of Northern Blue paint so that we can brighten up the existing lamp posts


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In a recent conversation with Mark the manager of Sainsbury’s Denton we discussed our problem about having a fund raising day in their Foyer. Because of a missunderstanding we were told that we could not sign up any members all we could do was collect money. Let me say this is not the case Mark told me he had no objection to us signing up members and he along with Andrew Gwynne was doing everything in his power to help us for which i thanked him so all i have to do now is arrange a date  with Jan as to when we can have our day fundraising