Sainsbury’s Denton

In a recent conversation with Mark the manager of Sainsbury’s Denton we discussed our problem about having a fund raising day in their Foyer. Because of a missunderstanding we were told that we could not sign up any members all we could do was collect money. Let me say this is not the case Mark told me he had no objection to us signing up members and he along with Andrew Gwynne was doing everything in his power to help us for which i thanked him so all i have to do now is arrange a date  with Jan as to when we can have our day fundraising                                                              

Haloween Folk Train

On Friday November 1st the Haloween Folk train rolled into Denton Station packed to the doors with standing room only.  On boared was the Lord Mayor of Stockport the Lord Mayor of Tameside Councillor Joe Kitchen and the Lady Mayoress Mrs Shirley Kitchen were met at the Station entrance at Denton by myself and our secretary Helen Mottershead we all boarded the train and off we went to Stalybridge and into the buffet to have a late breakfast and be entertained by the folk group

The Campaign

Our campaign for a train service took a turn for the better when during the last two weeks Tameside and Stockport Councils at council meetings ratified their backing for our campaign. Then apparentely the result was poured scorn on by Andrew Fender from Transport for Greater Manchester saying the cost of starting a new service from Stockport to Manchester was prohibitive and there was not the rolling stock available.  But our two groups Reddish South and Denton are not proposing a new service we are talking about existing services being diverted at Stockport and running round to Victoria through Reddish South and Denton  and don’t forget Victoria in the future is going to be used as a through station that means any service to Victoria will carry on to further destinations so it seems Andrew Fender has got it all wrong  


Safety Briefings

Northern now say that all voluteers who work on any of their stations will have to have passes. To get their passes they will have to attend safety briefings which Northern have  arranged now all these briefings have been arranged so that they take place during the week mainly Wednesday and Friday  giving no cosideration to people who have work commitments and cannot get the time off to attend i have some members who cannot get the time off so our workforce will be sadly depleted well done Northern 


Hi Folks It’s that time of the year again our AGM we have located back to the Victoria Park Community Centre for this meeting as the Dane Bank is closing for refurbishment for a while so see you there on the 26 September at 7 00pm Alan

Rail Meeting

The Rail Meeting at Denton Town Hall on Tuesday 13th August which was organised by our local MP Andrew Gwynne and was attended by Keiron Quinn from Tameside and Sue Darbyshire from Stockport was a succsess with both leaders agreeing to lobby TFGM and strongly reccomend that passenger train services be reintrojuced through Reddish South and Denton


Thursday 1st August saw myself and Dave Ferguson outside the post office on Windmill Lane Denton where the post misstress had organised a raffle the prize was a fluffy black and white tiger people had to guess the name to win him a total of £49 was raised for our group Many thanks to June

Rail Meeting

A Meeting has been organised by our local MP Andrew Gwynne at Denton Town Hall on Tuesday 13 August at the meeting will be the leaders of Tameside and Stockport councils Kieron Quinn and Sue Derbyshire lets hope something positive will come from this