The three monthly meeting of FoDS will be held at the Dane Bank hotel Windmill Lane Wednesday 19th June at 7 00pm Mr John Harrison of Harrison Developments ( Denton Rock )has asked to be invited and hopefully he will attend

Victoria Park Centenary

On 22nd June the friends of Denton Station will be helping to celebrate the Centenary of Victoria Park Denton by having a stall in the Victoria Park Community Center alongside the Denton Historical Society it will be a good opertunity to get the local people involved in our campaign

Granada Reports

Granada Reports came to Denton Station on Friday 3rd May to do an item on the Denton Flyer that goes one way from Stockport to Stalybridge and does not return although it was publicity for our two groups FoRSS and FoDS i was disapointed in the content of the report the impression i got was they were only interested in the fact that the line was one of the least used in the country and although i gave them plenty of information about our campaign it was not used

Stockport Station survey

Friends of Reddish South got permission from the station manager at Stockport to do a survey on the station about our campaign we were asked to help unfortunetely because of family commitments i was unable to take part two of the committee volunteered but in the end were unable to paticipate so i emailed all my contacts of which there are 134 and believe or not the replies as usual was zero so i am as usual frustrated and disgusted Alan Jones ChairmanĀ 


Hi folks some more good news from our local MP Andrew Gwynne from meetings he has had with the Leader of Tameside Council Councillor Kieron Quinn Councillor Quinn is setting up a meeting at which Network Rail Northern tfgm and SBCB will be present hopefully something good for our two groups FoDS and FoRSS will emerge from this meeting well done Andrew and KieronĀ