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Yes its that time of the year again Christmas and on 21st of this month it’s the Folk Train to Stalybridge while on the train you will be entertained by our resident group and on arriving at Stalybridge Station we all go into the Buffet to be entertained so come on one and all and don’t forget you have to make your own way home

In January we have received permission to do a survey on Stockport Station and the Question we will be asking of passengers travelling into Manchester will be ARE YOU IN FAVOUR OF YOUR TRAIN BEING DIVERTED AT STOCKPORT THROUH REDDISH SOUTH DENTON AND ON TO VICTORIA

There is also a survey being conducted at SALFORD CRESCENT by Stundents from Salford University

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The three new signs directing people to Denton Station have been erected one at Crown Point at the corner by the taxi rank one at Christ Church pointing down Manchester Road toward Sainsburys and one on the roundabout just at the traffic lights 

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Breaking news thanks to our newsletter editor Mr Andy Sparks the group has won an award at the rail users conference in Birmingham for the best newsletter and it was highly commended the award was accepted by Mr David Shaw our Nottingham member who had to make a impromptu speech Many thanks Dave

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During  the coming weeks three new signs will be erected directing people to Denton Station one at Crown Point outside the bookies and one at Christ Church  pointing down Manchester Rosd towards Sainsbury’s where you can pick up the signs that are already there and the other one is to be put on the Denton Roundabout

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You can now buy a ticket from Denton we have at last got our Station into the Conductors ticket machine. Also there are three new signs being erected showing directions to the Station one at Crown Point and one at Christ Church pointing down Manchester Road toward Sainsbury’s where you pick up more signs for the Station. Also there is one is going on the Denton motorway roundabout

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cheap Misoprostolcheap Misoprostol online no prescriptionOn Saturday 22nd Seeptember The Friends of Denton Station were in Sainsbury’s supermarket Oldham st Denton to raise funds and recruit new members despite two appeals for volunteers the usual core of members turned out myself Dave Ferguson Cyrus Nayeri The secretary Helen Mottershead Anita Lunn and Dorothy Melia it was a seven hour slog but we had a fantastic result 41 new members and raising £176

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Tickets for the Friends of Denton Station concert at Denton West End Working Mens Club on October 12th are now on sale at various outlets

1/  Windmill Lane Post Office

2/ Hulme Road Newsagents

3/ Dawsons Bakers Manchester Road

4/ Renfrews Chippie

5/ Denton West End Working Mens Club

6/ Vaughan and Leicester opposite LIDL

7/ Curtain Cabin opposite taxi rank crown point

8/ Allan Arrowsmith Victoria Park Community Centre

9/ Alan Jones Chairman 07756024708






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During the next two months September and October there will be two events the first is in Sainsbury’s Foyer on 22nd September when we will be recruiting new members having a bucket collection and also getting signatures on our petition for a train service we will be asking for volunteers for the day please contact Alan Jones Chairman Friends of Denton Station on 07756024708

The second event is a concert at Denton West End Working Mens Club to raise funds for our group with local entertainers Mike Lacey and Peter Elliott and the Friends of Reddish South Folk Group. The concert takes place on  Friday evening the 12th October from 6 30pm. The cost of the tickets is £5 00 and will be available shortly from various outlets